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11th APSIC Training Course Examination



Date: Friday, 27 August 2021
Time: 10:30 - 12:30 Hours
Duration: 2 Hours


  1. This online quiz contains 100 questions divided into 20 pages, excluding this cover page.
  2. You are required to log in to Zoom and turn on your camera throughout the period of the exam.
  3. The IP Address of the ZOOM login and the IP Address for submission of your examination paper will be captured by our system to ensure that you are the one who have submitted the paper.
  4. You are encouraged to click on "Save Quiz" regularly so that you will not lost your answers entered. A Session ID will be displayed each time you save your quiz.  Please keep the ID well as you will need this ID to resume your partially completed examination paper.
  5. For some reasons if you are logged out of the internet and need to resume your quiz, enter the URL given to you and click on "Load Quiz".  You will be prompted to enter your Session ID.  Enter the session ID you have saved and you will be able to resume your quiz from where you last worked on.
  6. Please enter your registered name and email address below.

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