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Ms Suraya YA’AKUB

Ms Suraya YA’AKUB



Ms Suraya YA’AKUB

Child Life Therapists

Paediatric Psychological Services

Department of Paediatrics

National University Hospital



Ms Suraya Ya’akub is a dedicated professional with a passion for helping children thrive. With a Master of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College (currently Boston University) – Seed Institute of Singapore, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a Child Life Therapist at KTPNUCMI since November 2017.

Throughout her career, Ms Suraya has been fascinated by the unique perspectives and emotions children possess. She firmly believes that by respecting and providing opportunities for children to express themselves, their remarkable thoughts and ideas can unfold. With her guidance and support, she has witnessed children making life-altering choices and developing effective coping mechanisms to navigate life’s challenges.

Prior to her current position, Ms Suraya accumulated extensive experience as an early childhood educator in both local and international preschools in Singapore and overseas. Her commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a love for learning has been recognized and appreciated by students and colleagues alike. Furthermore, she served as a music and art enrichment teacher from 2000 to 2004, utilizing creative outlets to stimulate children’s growth and self-expression.

Ms Suraya Ya’akub’s journey in the field of early childhood education and child life therapy has been characterized by her unwavering dedication and genuine passion for the well-being of children. Her profound belief in their capabilities and resilience continues to drive her efforts in helping them overcome adversities and flourish in their lives.