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Ms SNG Qian Wen

Ms SNG Qian Wen


Ms SNG Qian Wen

Nurse Clinician

Division of Nursing

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Registered Nurse Sng Qian Wen has worked in the pediatric intensive care unit in KK Hospital, the largest tertiary maternal and child hospital in Singapore, since she graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) in 2011. Since 2017, she has been appointed by the hospital to drive nursing research in the hospital. She currently holds a dual portfolio of clinical nursing and research in the Department of Advancing Nursing and Education (DANE). She also completed her Masters of Science (Nursing) in 2021 with the research project “Food parenting practices of preschoolers and their influencing factors: a descriptive correlational study” in 2021.

Her research interests include nutrition, protocol-based care, patient empowerment and quality of care. She has practical experience in planning, conducting, analyzing and publishing qualitative and quantitative research as a Primary Investigator and participated as a co-investigator in a multi-center intervention trial.  She believes that nurses’ deep involvement in the generation and utilization of evidence in daily nursing care can result in improved quality of care for patients. Hence she partners with clinical nurses and nursing students to provide research supervision on their research projects and systematic reviews. She is passionate and experienced in leading quality improvement projects that translated to guideline changes in areas such as naso-gastric/naso-jejunal tube care and oxygen therapy humidification.