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Dr Pooja Agarwal JAYAGOBI

Dr Pooja Agarwal JAYAGOBI


Dr Pooja Agarwal JAYAGOBI

Senior Consultant

Department of Neonatology

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital



Dr Pooja received her medical degree from Mumbai University in Mumbai, India in 1999. She moved to Singapore in 2004 and has been working at the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital since then. She is currently a Senior Consultant at the Department of Neonatology.

Her main area of interest lies in breastfeeding. She is the co-chair of the Hospital’s ‘Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative’ which promotes, protects and supports breastfeeding. She is also part of the KK Human Milk Bank team which aims to supply safe donated breast milk to vulnerable infants. She is also an active member of the hospital’s homecare committee and leads the neonatal home care programme which is the focus of her talk today